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marzo 28, 2012


Wolf D. Prix / Coop Himmelb(l)au talking about David Chipperfield

gennaio 23, 2012

Il breve articolo a firma di Wolf Prix, leader dei Coop Himmelb(l)au, qui di seguito riportato, è apparso nel mese di Agosto 2011 in forma di comunicato stampa.  Ritorna oggi  attuale dopo la nomina di Chipperfield alla guida della Biennale Architettura di Venezia 2012. Il tema trattato riguarda la capacità dell’ architettura di esprimere esigenze ed istanze democratiche e di cambiamento sociale…“Common ground”?


It is no coincidence that Chipperfield is so successful just now when there is perceptibly a reactionary shift to the right in our society. He adopts the formal vocabulary from authoritarian societies and keeps repeating it like a mantra. So he constantly copies from himself. The shopping mall in Vienna’s Kärtner Straße looks like a dead building. This aesthetics is the parvenus’ idea of elegance.


Generally, it is a good thing when international architects build in Vienna. Their projects provide an opportunity to think outside of  the Austrian box about architectural trends.

Chipperfield’s shopping mall on Vienna’s Kartner Strasse is, a part from its monotonous lack of any scale, a prime example of a change in attitude of our society. The fact that his terminology of forms, which undoubtedly has similarity with buildings from authoritarian time, is so successful especially in light of our contemporary society’s reactionary move to right, cannot be a coincidence.

The perforated facades which he likes to use can be designed much more vividly, such as at Frank Gehry’s bank in Berlin for instance. Speaking of Gehry: Gehry has been accused for a long time of quoting himself – this is even more obtrusive with Chipperfield. Be it a department store, a hotel, a museum, in Vienna, Innsbruck, Berlin etc. – it is always the same.

Chipperfield once made a more or less contemptuous remark about expressive in an interview. Maybe he is not alive enough to understand vitality. Anyway, his approach is not as dangerous as that of the Berlin adepts who now want to turn this “rabbit hutch aesthetics” into a great succes in Vienna. This aesthetic is the parvenus’ idea of elegance.

Wolf D. Prix

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